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TMM Panoen by KuramaTengu
TMM Panoen
Female, Elf, Rogue
Level 1

Panoën comes from a clan in the Free Marches that roams the Vimmark Mountains as well as areas around Ostwick and Markham. Within the clan she was an unbonded hunter, more focused on following the Vir Tanadhal than settling down. Some trouble between Panoën and a few local Shems caused the Hahren and Keeper to decide she and the clan would be safer if she left. She sold her ironbark armor for money to pay for safe passage across the Waking Sea to Ferelden. The original plan was to seek out and join the Sabrae clan camping on the outskirts of the White River Bannorn, but Panoën has lingered in the Arling of Denerim, reluctant to go to the clan.


Wanted Person – The character has a price on her head. A GM should feel at liberty to throw in random bloodthirsty bounty hunters after the character. Wanted in: Ostwick, aggravated assault

Deft Hands 1 (Proficient) – The rogue can pick common locks, like those found on commoner and village trader homes and properties. The rogue can also spot and disable simple and shoddily concealed traps.

Proficient Tracking – The character can spot and follow inconspicuous tracks in wilderness, and interpret footprints, common animal paw prints, and droppings, etc. The character is also more resilient than average to travel wearyness, and can travel faster through wilderness.

Proficient Stealth – While wearing light or no armor, the rogue can move silently at upright walking speed, or while crouching. The rogue can also duck in and out of cover without creating perceptible noise.

Prize Hunter – The character is able to retrieve intact valuable pelts from cleanly felled animals, and may be able to gather various other rare and valuable trophies, all in as pristine condition as the party just left it...

Running Wild – A shortbow lacks the range of longbows, and a Recurvist has to keep on the move to stay safe. The rogue makes a running move, trying to evade incoming attacks, while still loosing 3 arrows at enemies within short range. The attacks are normal accuracy, but lack armor penetration. Only useable with a shortbow!

72 Silver pieces
1 Health Flask
1 Torch
1 Flask of Oil
1 tool knife
1 Composite recurve shortbow (elm) 
1 Dalish slasher (iron knife)
1 set of Dalish armor (hard boiled leather)
1 fur-lined cloak
1 filled water skin
1 10ft coil of rope
1 travel bag to carry it all
I'm still alive, in case anyone ever wondered. I know I wonder about everyone I left behind here. If you want to get in touch, I'm TangoProxy on tumblr.


United States

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